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Website Hosting

Aadi Creations, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, provides Linux and Windows hosting. Like other things, both Linux and Windows servers have their own strengths (and weaknesses). If you are going to build an HTML website, you can choose either of these hosting without any problem. If you are planning a CMS website, you have to opt for Linux hosting. For script based websites the choice has to be made as per following table:

Linux Windows
PHP 4/5 PHP 4/5
Perl/CGI Perl/CGI
Server side includes Server side includes
Mod_perl Mod_perl
MySQL database MySQL database
phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin
Cronjobs Cronjobs
MIME types MIME types
Apache handlers Apache handlers
GPG key setup GPG key setup
Site Builder Site Builder
Flash/Shockwave Flash/Shockwave
Redirects Redirects
FrontPage Extensions FrontPage Extensions
  ASP.Net 1.1.4322.0 & 2.0.50727.0
  AJAX for ASP.Net
  MS Access, MSExcel Databases
  MSSQL 2005

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